Glacier Black

Glacier Black


Here's some things you might not know about Glacier Black.


I started using the Glacier theme by Joey Figaro on Sublime Text a year before the 2015 release of Visual Studio Code came out in 2015. Once I switched to using VS Code, Glacier was already ported over. Unfortunately, porting a theme from Sublime to VS Code only copies the code styling, not the skinning of the whole editor.

This set me on a journey to transform Glacier into a complete Visual Studio Code theme. After years of experimentation and refinement, I'm excited to share Glacier Black, a comprehensive theme designed specifically for VS Code.

During the creation of Glacier Black, I meticulously reviewed and implemented nearly every skinning option that Visual Studio Code offers. My goal was to provide a comprehensive theme that covers all aspects of your coding environment.

What's Next?

Your feedback is invaluable in making this theme even better. If you have any suggestions for improvements or would like to see support for specific languages, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can open an issue here or send me a message. I'm excited to hear from you.

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